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Hi there! I'm Rahul Sharma

Software Engineer | Full Stack Developer
Frontend Engineer & JS ♥'er

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Rahul Sharma

Software Engineer

Buffalo, New York

University at Buffalo, SUNY

Hi there , I'm Rahul, a Software Engineer by profession and an eager learner from the heart.

My introduction to the Computer Science field was made during my inquisitive childhood years, where I was curious to understand how my favorite 'fly-on click helicopter ' game worked!

Ever since then, I dreamt of diving deep into this field and here I am building scalable and optimized web portals.

🌟 Web Development for Beginners 🌟

You will surely admit, the time has come when everybody is trying to push their limits and are assidious in making their online presense 💻.

So, what stops you?

I have created a complete set of beginner level web development resource that will help you dive in quick into the field of Web Development. Finishing up all the below resources will surely give you a head start ✌ !

Why haven't you started reading it already 😜 ?

Introduction to Web Development

A crisp introduction to the field of Web Development. Gives a little insight into the world of clients & servers.


Diving into webpage structures, the slide covers anatomy, semantics & some cool facts about HTML5.


We always love to style! Covered inside are some great concepts including CSS3 Box Model, Cascading, Specificity & Inheritance.

Whetever happens, there is always room for feedbacks. If you have any, or want to discuss anything related to the course, feel free to schedule a meeting with me using the Calendly link on the top!

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